July 2019 Community Conversation Presentations


Local impact of vacation rentals in San Juan County. Joe Symons, PhD, urban geography.

Global impacts of vacation rentals. Jennifer Barcelos, staff attorney, Friends of the San Juans.


September 2019 Community Conversations


How is San Juan County currently regulating and enforcing Vacation Rentals? Erika Shook, San Juan County Department of Community Development (no slides or audio available)

Impacts on Housing for Year-Round Residents Lynnette Woods, PhD, Mathematics

Impacts on Water Use Paul Kamin, General Manager, Eastsound Water Users Association

Impact on the community from overtourism Gregory Oaksan, architect (no slides or audio available)

Adopting New Regulations to Reduce the Negative Impacts of Vacation Rentals Jennifer Barcelos, Staff Attorney, Friends of the San Juans